Speaking engagements

Repeated my "getting started with Kubernetes for #Sitecore deployments" remotely for the Jaipur user group
Spoke about getting started with Kubernetes for #Sitecore deployments at the Newcastle User Group event
Spoke on the main stage at Sitecore World Tour in London. Discussed how UNRVLD see composable products changing the landscape of business IT systems for both web and internal systems. Also spoke in...
Presented at the December 2021 Sitecore user group in London. Gave a high-level developers' take on the updates and new directions from Symposium earlier this year.
Spoke at an UNRVD event to replay the announcements from this year's Sitecore Symposium. With a colleage, gave an overview of the new features coming in the next Sitecore release, and the future di...
Spoke remotely to both the UK and UAE user groups about the reasoning behind Sitecore's new "Content as a Service" products.
Spoke at Manchester Sitecore user group about installing development environments with PowerShell DSC
Spoke at Manchester Sitecore user group about use of Nuget packages for deploying Sitecore
Spoke at London Sitecore user group about building Faceted Search
Spoke at both Sitecore Symposium and SUGCON about performance measurement for Sitecore developers.
Spoke at both the London and Manchester Sitecore user groups about getting started using Docker for running your development process.
Presented a beginner's guide to deploying Solr for Sitecore at Symposium 2019 and the Manchester Sitecore user group.